The Dunstall Suzuki F1 race team came into effect for the 1979 British race season, The bikes came direct from the USA as raced by Wes Cooley, under US race regs they had to use stock frames, however on their arrival in the UK it came to light that this would not be good enough to fight the mighty Honda’s raced by Rocket Ron Haslam.

The day to day running of the team was handled by Tony Robinson or Robinson racing and although many modifaciations were made they were not really successfull.

Tom Herron should have been rider but his untimely death meant this was not possible, so Steve manship and Dudley Crummond were drafted in.

They were also raced by Barry Sheene for one race (finished 2nd to Ron) and Mike Hailwood again for one race..they seemed to be dogged by brake problems thoughout the season.

At the end of the ’79 season they were advertised for sale via Motorcycle News by Suzuki but failed to sell and it is believed Robinson Racing took over.

One bike is now in the Lakeside Motor Museum which also houses the last water speed record boat of Donald Campbell the Bluebird K7 Hydroplane in which he was tragically killed… The Dunstall is the one ridden by Barry Sheene, although i have yet to see any eveidenc eod this since it was for sale many years ago by Strightline Racing. Funny how no one says theirs was raced by Mike Hailwood.

Another Dunstall was racing in the forgotten era series a few years back,, also claimed to be the Sheene one…its current location is unknown..

If you wish to see the Dunstall which was fully restored by George Beale go to ;