Dunstall is set to return but is it connected to Paul Dunstall’s old concern?

A new company has been set up called Dunstall with a Euro trade mark claiming to be producing a brand new range of products for Norton, Triumph and BSA plus the new Bonniville.

As far as we can make out the genuine Dunstall company is NOT involved and still has a legal owner as it was the sister company which went into admin, Dunstall has never gone bust as some have claimed only sleeping by the current owner, they did not renew the UK trade mark but still own the rights to the existing products, copyrights and logos.

At the time of going to press the Dunstall Owners Club will not be connected with the new concern until true ownershipof the existing  is confirmed, however I am 99% sure it has no connection with Dunstall as we know it,, think the legal history of Norvil and you are getting close.

I will update as soon as I can.