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Genuine UK supplied Dunstall






What we have here is something super rare! Rare to ever come across a genuine CB900 Dunstall. Even rarer to come across one that has less than 5k miles on it from new…… and even rarer to have it with full owner history and documentation verifying mileage.


This is a genuine Dunstall bike, complete with the official Dunstall plate on the frame with the Dunstall construction number. Originally supplied by Mike Hailwood and Rod Goulds dealership in Birmingham,  this shows on the original number plate and in the DVLA ownership history. The last owner applied to the DVLA for the full ownership history of the bike so everything is there to see the life of the bike.

The DVLA ownership history shows that the first owner, after taking delivery in 1980 from H & G, sold it to his brother at the same address in 1982 then bought it back from him in 1986, and then sold it to a neighbour two doors down in 2010. The previous owner then bought it in March 2014 and we acquired it from him in 2016 as he was downsizing his collection. So as you can see this is a very low ownership bike (especially as 3 of the 5 owners the bike were actually at the same address), all fully documented.


Along with the DVLA ownership history document, there are a handful of old invoices for works / parts for the bike, the previous MOT’s (only been MOT tested 4 times its life; 1991, 2010, 2011, 2016), and a couple of original Dunstall brochures.

Mileage Verification:

Mileage on the clocks is currently showing 4,389 miles. From looking through the paperwork with the bike this is the verification of the mileage history;

23/11/88 – Invoice from P.A.C. Motorcycle Specialists in Willenhall showing 3,999 miles
09/07/91 – MOT showing 4,017 miles
05/06/10 – MOT showing 4,202 miles
01/07/11 – MOT showing 4,365 miles
08/09/16 – MOT showing 4,387 miles
Current clock reading 4,389 miles


The bike has clearly been very well stored over the 37 years since it was manufactured, and is testament to the previous owners and their love for preserving this special bike. The engine looks fantastic, like it is only a year or so old. All the clocks, switches, handlebars etc all looks immaculate and almost unused.

As mentioned above, there is a Dunstall brochure in the documentation with the bike (see photos). This I believe shows this actual bike. Well maybe not this “actual” bike, but what this bike would have looked like when new. It appears that at some point in its life a previous owner has had the tank and side panels repainted to get rid of the rather bold “DUNSTALL HONDA” name and just replaced it with the graded out gold band and just the simple “HONDA” name on there instead. It has to be said though, that the paint on the tank and the side panels wasn’t done too well and as such you can see some micro blistering on the tank paint along with some small chips / flaked off bits, and you can even still see the ghosting of the “DUNSTALL” name through the paint on the tank when you look in the right light. I have tried to show this on one of the photos, however it is hard to pick up with a camera.

We have just had the bike valeted today and the paintwork is much brighter now, although there were several high and low spots in the paint on the tank and the low spots are a bit more visible now due to the polishing. First photo on the listing shows the bike after the valet today (23/03/17)

The only none original thing is the stainless steel full Delkevic exhaust system we have just put on the bike today (16/03/17). The original Dunstall one I guess would just have corroded at somepoint in the last 37 years, and the previous owner put a Motad exhaust on it, but it was a big ugly thing and I dont know why they used it, so we have put this much better quality and more appropriate looking Delkevic system on. We chose this system rather than just a replica Dunstall end can, as the replica’s aren’t badged correctly so wouldn’t be 100% correct anyway, and they are pretty cheaply made. The Delkevic system though is a similar style but has the benefit of being a full stainless system so ideal for a collectible bike that is likely to be in storage a long time, so wont rot. Pictures updated today 16/03/17 showing the new exhaust on the bike.


The bike was MOT’d in September last year and passed without a single advisory. We acquired the bike in October and when it arrived with us it fired up and ran for a short period, then died. We then put the bike in to storage and have not touched it again until now. We pulled the bike out today and got a full charge in to the battery. The bike fired up but was only running on cylinders 1 and 2. As it is 3 and 4 not running that rules out the coils as being the issue as one coil supplies cylinders 1 and 3, and the other supplies 2 and 4. So I can only assume it is a bit of crap in the carbs on 3 and 4 preventing it from running on all 4. We will get the bike through the workshop before the buyer picks it up though to ensure it is running right and on all 4 before you take it.

All electrics and switches etc all seem to operate perfect.

‘Live’ Tracker Fitted

Not Your Average Bikes have recently partnered up with FyrDraca, to fit live tracking equipment on to a large number of our bikes, and this bike will come fitted with the FyrDraca FW2 Track and Alert Motorcycle Anti Theft System (RRP £300) helping keep your new pride and joy safe and secure.

This small discreet unit provides your vehicle with real time 24hr tracking direct to your smart phone, with no annual subscription. The FW2 also has illegal start alert, a remote microphone so you can listen in to what’s going on around the bike at any given time, a panic button, and the ability to turn the horn on and off remotely via your smart phone.

The FW2 uses GPS, GSM, GPRS and movement technology to record and relay in real-time its position to you in real time.

There are no fees or subscriptions. The FW2 is installed with a Sim card you control. We include £15 of credit, and texts from your tracker cost between 2p and 4p each so you’re good for over 300 tracking messages. You can top up the Sim easily on line.

Full details on the tracker can be found on the FyrDraca website if you copy and paste the address below in to your browser:

Main FW2 Tracker Features:

125db Siren you can turn on and off from your smartphone …..from anywhere

Illegal Start Alarm – If a Thief tries to start your vehicle the system will warn you

GPS Movement Alert – If your vehicle moves the system will warn you

Remote microphone so that if you ring your tracker you can listen in to your vehicle and what’s going on around it

Panic button – A discreet button is added somewhere accessible. Push it and the system sends out an S.O.S message

Fully installed with a covert installation

Rugged, water-resistant housing

Tamper resistant with built-in backup battery

FW2 works with Android, IOS and Windows smartphones


So what we have is a VERY rare bike, with VERY low owner, VERY low mileage, and in VERY good condition.

An amazing bike that is only going to go up value with every year that goes bye. A great investment and better than money in the bank.

Come and have a look and see it for yourself. I’m sure you will be impressed!!


You are more than welcome to come and view the bike by appointment, at our showroom in Ossett, West Yorkshire.

Any questions then please do not hesitate to ask.



We will consider part exchange of other bikes / cars, although this must be done within ebays rules of course.

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