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Yet another Sheene Dunstall appears

How many more will come out of the woodwork,

The two Dunstall F1 bikes were raced by Steve Manship and Bob Smith, Sheene took both bikes out in practice and opted to race Bob’s bike leaving Bob without a ride, This was a one of ride and not built for Sheene. The bike was all red without a lower fairing, plastered with Dunstall power stickers and a Power silencer. Mike Hailwood also had a one off race, The Sheene colours were added later on both bikes. The bikes were sold by Suzuki GB at the end of 1979.

Mike Hailwood  in 1979 racing the Dunstall Suzuki GS 1000 in a one off ride at Mallory Park,, finished 10th due to brake problems, 3 Suzuki GS1000  race bikes were delivered from the USA in  Superbike race spec but here in the UK F1 rules allowed  race frames, Other riders included,, Bob Smith, Dudley Cramond, Steve Manship and Barry Sheene.  Steve Parish and Tom Herron should have been the fultime racers but Steve was drafted in the GP squad and Tom was killed at the North West 200 before the season got under way.

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