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decibel 1991

issue 4 of our club magazine Decibell dated 1991

An old edition of our club magazine Decibel produced on an old Amiga 500 back in 1991, orders taken for a factory visit of the Norton Rotary set up.


Our club magazine will finally return soon as a digital edition,, please send your details of bikes, sales and wants etc to us now for inclusion of the first edition to devastator@tiscali.co.uk  subject decibel

Dunstall Catalogue

Here is a front cover from about 1972/3

Photos/catlogues etc copyright to Extex LLP

Dunstall Norton with Paul's second wife

Dunstall Norton with Paul’s second wife



dunstall gs750

dunstall gs750

These photos are of my old Dunstall after a head on smash back in 1985,  tank is on floor as the frame buckled and wont fit,  It had been stood in storage for 3 years when this piccy was taken,  at least the car was written off too, only 1 day  old as well, Think it was jinxed,, this was the second time id frontaled it with a Ford Fiesta and the owner before me did the same in Norway  RIP  Sept 25th 1985,,,im sure it wasnt as short as that when i got it 



Dont forget to vote for your idea of a new Dunstall,,, here are some examples of doner bikes


Twins,, new Triumphs,, new Norton 961, Ducati etc


Triple;   Triumph, laverada   I didnt mean Suzy Triple

In line four,, Honda, Suzuki etc

V Four  Honda etc

V Twin  Harley motor as British Buell

Single  MZ, CCM etc

Vote for new Dunstall

The genuine Dunstall body moulds designed and made by Doug Mitchenall are  to be offered for sale at Bonhams auction at the Stafford classic bike show next month,

The moulds cater for Dunstall models from 1973 -1982, starting at the Norton Commando 750/810 to the later Honda and Suzuki models.

The sale will include moulds/masters and trim/spray  jigs, will require renovation after being stored by me since 1988.

Crossbow body moulds for sale including full manufacturing rights

tank/seat units for Moto Guzzi and Kawasaki Z900 but will fit other bikes without tank cover

Many fairing options using alternative lowers

Will fit modern retros with new brackets designed

Can be offered as Carbon products as an option and re designed with alternative headlights etc


1976 Suzuki GT 750 Dunstall for sale





GT 750 fully restored at a whopping £12,000.


For more info go to the link below






Dunstall is set to return but is it connected to Paul Dunstall’s old concern?

A new company has been set up called Dunstall with a Euro trade mark claiming to be producing a brand new range of products for Norton, Triumph and BSA plus the new Bonniville.

As far as we can make out the genuine Dunstall company is NOT involved and still has a legal owner as it was the sister company which went into admin, Dunstall has never gone bust as some have claimed only sleeping by the current owner, they did not renew the UK trade mark but still own the rights to the existing products, copyrights and logos.

At the time of going to press the Dunstall Owners Club will not be connected with the new concern until true ownershipof the existing  is confirmed, however I am 99% sure it has no connection with Dunstall as we know it,, think the legal history of Norvil and you are getting close.

I will update as soon as I can.



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