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See the Dunstall in its glory days on video of the Race Of The Year at Mallory Park 1970

In 1969 Paul Dunstall built the Drainpipe . The name came from it’s unique design .

Ray Pickerell rode it . There are very few if any other copies of this bike . Our man Pit commissioned Ray Breingan to build an exact replica of the frame tank and seat . This is what evolved after one years work .


Dunstall (drainpipe) Racer

One of only 6 genuine Dunstall spine framed race bikes¬†is now¬†display at the national motorcycle museum in Birmingham, although i have yet to determine which bike this is the fact that one has now been put on display next to some of the all time greats shows Dunstall’s status in motorcycle history.

All six frames were hand made by Dunstall’s chief engineer Ken Ford to the designs of Eddie Robinson who had close links with Seeley. The bikes were VERY successfull while being ridden by Ray Pickrell and Ken Redfern.

Dunstall spine racer

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