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The genuine moulds are for sale, Should have gone to Bonhams but as they have to be sent to London first and then they transport them to Stafford I didnt fancy them getting damaged in so much transit,


All moulds are for sale,, sensible offers please


Only for sale to fund new venture in marine industry

The genuine Dunstall body moulds designed and made by Doug Mitchenall are  to be offered for sale at Bonhams auction at the Stafford classic bike show next month,

The moulds cater for Dunstall models from 1973 -1982, starting at the Norton Commando 750/810 to the later Honda and Suzuki models.

The sale will include moulds/masters and trim/spray  jigs, will require renovation after being stored by me since 1988.

Crossbow body moulds for sale including full manufacturing rights

tank/seat units for Moto Guzzi and Kawasaki Z900 but will fit other bikes without tank cover

Many fairing options using alternative lowers

Will fit modern retros with new brackets designed

Can be offered as Carbon products as an option and re designed with alternative headlights etc


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